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We are a creative agency that focusses mainly on eCommerce websites however has a wealth of knowledge surrounding fulfilment, integrations and all the software in between.

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It starts with a chat

We love to talk. Our process starts with a simple chat whether on WhatsApp, email, text or good old telephone call. You have a concept, we have experience creating reality from often similar concepts. Talking will clear up whether there is indeed a synergy between the two before we start.


Free Consultation

We will advise throughout the process. There is so much to be gleaned from experienced ecommerce experts such as ourselves and we are quite happy to share much of this completely free. The pitfalls are many, and rogues exist in nearly every element of your business – We’ve been there, we’ll help.


Developed around you

Our developers have touched on a lot of programming languages and choosing the right development platform will often form part of the advice we hand out. Things like WordPress or Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento – we’ve done them all and are here to help develop around you.

Designed and built with care

Our favourite part: Creating. We work within your design guidelines or ours, perhaps you’ve seen a site you really like or have a competitor site you wish to look nothing like, we will work with you to create something awesome. Our designers have worked all over the world giving great choice.


Got the site, now what?

We often advise that a site is a bit like a business card. You may have the grabbiest catchline, beautiful pallete, amazing fonts and the exact service your prospective clients are looking for. But unless they know that you are the word perfect fit for them by showing it to them, it’s a futile exercise.

Quick Turnaround

We can have a simple site live in a day, but in most cases a week or two will have a site you can be proud of

Great Ideas

We like to think we’re on point with ideas, we hear and see lots of them every day and never forget!

Pantone Colours

We’ll match your corporate colours exactly, or create a colour set for you from or with your logo

WordPress Pros

There is not much we cannot do with WordPress or find a solution regardless of company size/requirements

Shopify Partners

We live and breathe Shopify, it’s our go to choice for ecommerce websites due to it ease of use for owners

Fast Support

Your account manager is usually available and if it all goes belly up we can usually help 24/7


Guided by you

Whether it is a wine farm, a responsively sourced cleaning products market leader or just a DJ promoting their services, we understand the intrciate creative elemnts required to make your website or graphics ‘Pop’. Again, you have ideas, we have ideas – let’s talk and create something amazing!

Our Latest

We help forward-thinking clients succeed in a very congested ecommerce marketplace.

Happy Customers

One Digital Media

“Neil was pivotal in the planning, facilitating and management of the various tasks. As a senior management figure within the company Neil was approachable and always went out of his way to meet all deadlines no matter how difficult the task. It was a pleasure working with Neil”

Dean Delaney

Tincture London

“Neil is monstrously efficient”

Stefano Giolito

Structural Repairs

“Musseltin has been working tirelessly with us over the last two years. I can’t believe there is a company out there that keeps bringing fresh ideas whilst sticking to deadlines. I see us working together for many more years”

Roger Line

Our Skills

Diverse and varied, there are many here we do not show

We will develop your application/website/software/online shop using the platform you choose. There are too many disciplines that are related to our services to list but the at a glace graphic alongside should give an idea or where we are the most proficient. Please ask for assistance if you feel we do not do what you need – we likely do.

  • Shopify Development 96% 96%
  • Graphic Design 70% 70%
  • Web Development 95% 95%
  • Wordpress 85% 85%
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Neil Smuts

Neil Smuts


Mary Stacey

Mary Stacey

Web Designer

John Harvey

John Harvey

Web Developer

Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart

Project Manager

Mary Su

Mary Su

Sales Manager

Dean Jackman

Dean Jackman



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